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Dental emergencies often arise when people least expects them to happen. Tooth fractures, cellulitis, reversible pulpitis and abscesses are the common types of dental emergencies that most people experience. When a person within the city of Indianapolis, Indiana experiences a problem they often need urgent dental care. When they are in need of this care they can receive services from an emergency dentist Indianaoplis.

24 hour emergency dentist indianapolis


Indianapolis Emergency DentaI

24 hour emergency dentist indianapolis

A wide variety of dental problems often arise that requires immediate medical attention. The following information will explain these problems and how they can be resolved by a dentist.



Toothaches often send millions of people to the emergency room every year. Emergency room departments often treat patients with toothaches by giving them pain killers to numb the problem. Doctors or nurses might also perform some basic dental procedures on a person’s affected teeth to help relieve pain. Toothaches might seem like a minor emergency medical situation but they can be very annoying and in some cases even deadly. This is especially true for people who have an infection within their mouth. ER personnel will often relieve a person’s pain and then recommend immediate dental treatment at a local dentist office.

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Southside Urgent Dental Care

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Immiadadent Indianapolis

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Tooth Fractures

Fractured teeth are also another major dental problem for people in Indianapolis. This is especially true for children and teenagers. They often experience this type of dental injury from playing around with friends or from playing sports. Young adults who play sports such as football, hockey and basketball also have a tendency to fracture their teeth as well. Basketball is the number one sport for tooth fractures because people often damage their teeth from the high amount of impact that happens within this game. Also, a lot of children, teenagers and young adults who play sports do not wear mouth guards to protect their teeth. Dentists recommend wearing mouth guards for all people who play sports.


Knocked out Teeth

Some people get their teeth knocked out of their mouth. This often happens because of accidents, sport games or by getting into a fight. When a person gets their tooth (or teeth knocked out) they will usually have to receive treatment to stop the bleeding and to relieve the pain. They will probably also have to receive emergency restorative services to replace lost teeth.


Objects Caught Between the Teeth

Many people do not have to deal with the problem of objects being stuck between their teeth but it does happen. Often time women place bobby pins in their mouths and they end up getting stuck between their teeth. Children also get lot of things stuck between their teeth as well. This group of people have a tendency to stick a lot of things between their mouths and a sometimes an object can get lodge between their teeth. When this happens a trip to the dentist is warranted. Most dentist will remove the object from a child’s mouth and evaluate their teeth to ensure that they have not misaligned or permanently damaged.


Damaged Braces

Many young people wear braces. Sometimes braces can become damaged. When this happens people will need emergency dental Indianapolis. Braces often become damaged when the wire comes out of the bracket or band. A dentist can fix this problem by fixing the band back in place or by restructuring a person’s braces.



Sometimes people get infections in their mouths. This often occurs when bacteria enters into the pulp spaces of a tooth. This bacteria could come from having a damaged tooth or from improper oral care. Once an infection sets in it should be immediately dealt with because an infection within the mouth has a tendency to spread to other parts of the body. Most dentists will treat abscesses with antibiotics and clean and drain the affected area.


Dental Intrusion

A dental intrusion is an uncommon type of dental problem that happens when a tooth is pushed up into a person’s jawbone. This type of situation does not happen very often but when it does it can be very painful for the person who experiences this problem. Most dentists will perform root canal therapy or have a person to wait a few days until their teeth descends back into place.


Dental Concussions

Most people might not realize this but they can actually receive a concussion in their mouths. How? Well this normally happens when a person’s tooth has been damaged at the root level. This type of injury often causes a person’s tooth (or teeth) to become permanently or temporarily discolored. IF a person’s tooth turns black or very dark this is an indication that their tooth is dying and they will need to seek immediate medical attention.


Fractured Jaw

People who experience a fractured jaw will often have problems with their bite and with continuous pain to their head. A dentist will set a broken jaw by bandaging or wiring it shut. This has to happen to help a person’s jaw to set properly.


Crown Fractures

A person can also deal with crown fractures that happen with their teeth. A crown fracture often occurs when the enamel on a tooth is damaged or when pulp is exposed. Crown fractures are typically corrected with dental sealants or pulp treatments. Jagged enamel often irritates the teeth and gums. So having a dentist to correct this problem is often necessary.

Most dentist within the city of Indianapolis are not open during the nighttime hours. As a matter of fact many of them often close up their offices around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Some offices stay open at a later time and might close around 7 pm or 8 pm. A few will even close at 9 pm. However, there are relatively few dental offices that stay open all night long.

People can receive emergency care from 24 hour dentist in Indianapolis because a few offices do stay open this late for this purpose. Dental offices that stay open this late understand that people typically experience dental problems at any time of the day or night. This type of service is a great alternative to visiting the emergency room where people complain about overcrowding or rising health care cost. Overnight emergency dental service is typically staffed with dentists and hygienists who are skilled and knowledgeable in this field. Most of the staff on hand at an overnight dental facility is able to treat many dental problems that happen to people.

Overnight dental facilities typically take insurance but they also take cash or credit card as well. This means that patients can pay for the services that they receive right on the spot. In some cases an overnight office might allow patients to set up a payment arrangement for funds. Dental offices that remain open 24/7 can deal with trauma patients who might need emergency dental assistance after an accident.

People who play sports at night or who unfortunately get into altercations during a night out on the town can also receive emergency medical service as well. Most emergency dental clinics in Indianapolis are centrally located. They situated in busy areas where there is a lot of people out during the night time hours or in the downtown area. This way, people can easily reach them whenever they have dental problems.

The wait times for overnight dental offices are typically fast since a lot of people do not need to see the dentist during overnight hours. This type of service is also great for people who work second shift and is not able to get to dental office during the day or for people who cannot get off work during the day because of their jobs. Emergency dental service during the day time or night time hours is available in Indianapolis for anyone who is in need of these services. Always check your Indianapolis dentist at the Indy Dental Association.